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Rivanna Trails

Day of Caring 2011

On September 21, about 35 employees of the University of Virginia participated in the United Way Day of Caring to reroute part of the trail immediately north of Hydraulic Road. This section of the trail needed to be moved to make way for the Meadow Creek restoration project set to begin in December. A City crew came through a few days later to cut some of the larger logs that needed to be cleared, and on October 8, the monthly RTF work party finished the final section and put up new trail markers. It was an incredible amount of work, and the trail is now outside the future construction zone.
10 photo(s) Updated on: 09 Feb 2011
  • On October 8, the monthly RTF work party finished the job
  • 10/8: Victory - the new routing is complete
  • 10/8: RTF work party
  • 10/8: RTF work party finishes the connection at the north end of the new routing
  • 9/21: Logs were cut, bushes trimmed, and soil raked
  • 9/21: A "before" shot of the section just north of the culvert under Hydraulic Road
  • . . . and after the crew passed through
  • 9/21: A clear path for the new trail
  • Footbridge relocated from the old trail alignment
  • The new routing ready for trail markers