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Rivanna Trails

Rock hop between Stribling and Sunset Ext'd reconstructed.

27 Oct 2013 5:36 PM | Anonymous member
"Fun" is the best word to describe watching nine enthusiastic Phi Gamma Deltas attack the challenge of rebuilding our rock hop in Moore's Creek today. Having communicated well with us before they came, they knew exactly what they were facing: frigid creek water up to their knees, an end goal without a prescribed execution plan, and dozens of large rocks to move. The men assessed the situation, made a plan, began implementation, and inspired each other with cooperation, competition, cajoling, puns, quotations from literature and movies, and a little splashing. During construction they were visited by four dogs, four runners, an extended family with two little stick-yielding boys ["When we grow up, can we play in the cold stream, too?"], and three men on mountain bikes. The Rivanna Trail is a well-used treasure, the RTF could not keep it open without the help of volunteers, and everyone appreciates the work of these young men from UVa.